About James

James' Portrait
Photo by Kata Sasvari

I’ve worked with Information Technology for over 30 years. I began my career as a Technical Writer at IBM and went on to become a database programmer, quality assurance analyst, web developer, and computing systems manager.

In all the years of working with computers, it’s been helping people that has given me the most satisfaction. Solving problems and helping people get what they need out of computing technology is where I excel. Whether it’s creating a website for an individual or small business owner, providing advice on the right equipment to buy, setting up new systems, or simply fixing a problem that’s keeping someone from getting their work done, I’m here to help.

It is in my people skills where I stand apart from many IT professionals. Everyone approaches technology differently. I am most interested in you and how you want to use technology. With all the options available, I can help you determine what’s going to be the best technology solution for you. I can help you get started with that technology and I can help you when you have questions about its use. And maybe most important, when you need help that’s beyond my skills or resources, I’ll let you know and try to put you in contact with the right professional.

When it comes to Information Technology, let me help you.